Why it all started

It was all about me and all of a sudden, it turned to be for you!


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I think it’s necessary for me to let you know we started this platform.

Primo - I faced a lot of problems with the tax office when I created my first business in Douala. I was ignorant of many things and some unscrupulous tax officers turned me into their breadbasket.

Secundo - Important documentation for business people was most of the time in French. When you find it in English, it makes little or no sense.

Tertio - You would hardly find information on how to do business in Cameroon online.

These and more pushed me to go get further education on tax and business law in French. This helped me to understand well and know how I can explain better using in English.

Three years was not too much for us to learn the system and understand where we can reduce costs in order to open the doors for many entrepreneurs to have their businesses registered.

Together with my team members, we have a wide network of collaborators that make things easier. We always have an answer to your questions. A journey I started for myself suddenly turned to be for all of us.
If you want information on any legal business in Cameroon, we are at your service to provide it to you.

The Latest posts

If you didn’t check on our platform recently, then you need to do so now. There is a lot of information for those who plan to start a business in Cameroon.
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