Let's hear your Covid-19 Business Idea

Leisure time has triggered productive ideas


I hope you had an awesome week!

Sitting in the house during this period of confinement warrants a lot of patience. The day is long even after you’ve finished your office tasks or study.

However, for some, this leisure time has triggered productive ideas that can support them financially. Yesterday, I had a session with one of such and her Covid-19 business idea was wonderful.

It’s just one of her ideas for this period as the other is already in the market. I will share a link to one of her products in my next write-up.

If your leisure time or confinement has sparked up new ideas, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me, so we can discuss it.

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PM’s Covid-19 Statement

I saw the happiness in people when the PM, Dion Ngute, gave his updates on Covid-19. Someone would have thought the government has rolled out some financial packages to low income families or businesses.

Far from that – people were happy because the 6pm ban on bars, restaurants and other leisure businesses was uplifted.

One good thing that came out from the PM’s statement were the fiscal policies put in place to reduce the damage done by Covid-19 to businesses. Many were expecting a financial booster, but got fiscal exoneration.

However, this will not benefit those who are still running non-registered businesses. Same like financial bailout to small businesses that may soon be the next thing to do. See why you should have your business registered.

No government will support a business that is not paying its taxes. If banks start to give out loans to small businesses, those running non-registered businesses will not benefit.

Take this opportunity to incorporate your business now! We’re sharing out some freemiums that will help you grow your business for all those who incorporate with us.

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#StaySafe #StayHome if you can and together let’s fight #Covid-19.