If you eat in the neighbour’s house, you will be like them

Let's Start to Consume Made-in-Cameroon Products

Let me share with you something that sparked me in a conversation I had with Pascaline Nenda, one of the most successful female entrepreneurs I have ever met in Cameroon. We featured her in our 10 Cameroonian Women Rocking on Social Media in 2018.

Pascaline is the founder of Lamana, a start-up that produce and sell instant cereals for babies and young children made from local products like plantain, sweet potato, soy bean, wheat, etc.

Her product, Blesolac is presently in high competition with products like Cerelac, Bledina, etc. which are all imported.

How she came up with Blesolac

In our conversation, she said her inspiration to use local products to make baby’s food was from her grandmother. She told me her grandmother scolded them when they ate at the neighbours house as kids.

She told them “if you eat in the neighbour's house, you will grow like them”. What a beautiful insight from grandma.

We all have seen what imported products have done to Africa? Most of the things we import are not made for us, so we are forced to adapt in order to use them.

Grandma’s idea can also be used to encourage the consumption of our local products (Made-in-Cameroon). This Covid-19 period is the best time for us to encourage our local entrepreneurs by purchasing locally made products.

Since there’s very little imports due to the Coronavirus, most of us will want to substitute imported with local. I already witnessed that with increase in sales of Ndop Rice in our store.

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Consume made-in-Cameroon

It is by consuming our local products that we can know the difference with imported products. We cannot be expecting our economy to develop when we purchase only imported goods.

We have the raw materials and know-how to make our own products locally. The market is what is still lagging behind. It’s not lagging because there are no customers. It is because we don’t consume our own products.

Want to transform agriproducts?

Do you want a high-performance machine manufactured locally to transform your local products? We can put you in contact with local entrepreneurs who fabricate machines. All you need to give your specifications.


We also opened our online shop where we sell only made-in-Cameroon products.

Store contents: Ndop Rice | Blesolac | Penn’s Coconut Oil

If you a locally made product, you can get in touch with us to place it in the store.